10 Hiking Essentials

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10 Hiking Essentials

Extra Clothes: 10 Hiking Essentials

September 8, 2016 Comments (0) Hiking, Safety

Signaling Device: 10 Hiking Essentials

10 Hiking Essentials

In our continuing series on the 10 Hiking Essentials we’ll be focusing on each one and offering some suggestions on equipment we’ve used and can recommend. The second post in the series of 10 Hiking Essentials is “Signaling Devices“.

Keep a Whistle on your person at all times. A whistle is such a simple tool, but it could truly save your life! Just last week a lost hiker in Penticton was rescued with help from her whistle.

A good one is the FOX 40 which has no moving parts to freeze, jam or deteriorate. Some newer backpacks even have a whistle built into the sternum strap clip.
Fox 40 Whistle
Available at your local outdoor store or these fine online retailers:

When sending out a distress whistle blast do three short blasts in timed intervals of 1 to 5 minutes and in different directions from where you are standing as rescuers may be above, below, or to the sides of you.

If you here whistle blasts from rescuers it doesn’t mean that they can here you. Continue whistle blasts at even shorter intervals 1 minutes or less until they make voice contact with you.

Up next in the Beginner Hiking Essentials Series is Extra clothes. Until then, happy hiking!

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