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January 19, 2017 Comments (3) Adventure, Featured, How To, Interesting, News

Mount Robson Provincial Park – Berg Lake Trail

Mount Robson Provincial Park

The Berg Lake Trail is a world-renowned backcountry hiking trail located in Mount Robson Provincial Park in east, central British Columbia, just west of the British Columbia/Alberta border.The trail takes you through some of the most amazing scenery in the province and I’m excited to have reserved to go there this coming June.

This is the first blog post in a series I’ll be posting as I plan for the upcoming trip. I’ve done a fair bit of weekend camping in the past but nothing as ambitious as this, so I’m looking forward to sharing the planning, others blog posts, videos etc. I’ve found along the way in hopes it will help others on their trip.

What is The Berg Lake Trail?

The 23km (One-Way) Berg Lake Trail traverses three biogeoclimatic zones and connects seven campgrounds along the way. I’ve planned to spend a total of 4 nights between the Trailhead and Berg Lake. Since the drive up from Vancouver is close to 7 hours we’ll be spending the first night car camping at one of the campsites you can drive into at Mt. Robson Provincial Park.

Berg Lake Trail Map

Berg Lake Trail Map courtesy BC Parks

Berg Lake Trail Campgrounds

There are seven campgrounds along the trail and we’re going to spend 2 nights camping on the trail. The seven campgrounds along the trail are (in order):
Kinney Lake (7km)
Whitehorn (11km)
Emperor Falls (16km) – We’re hiking to this campsite for the 1st night and hiking to the Berg Lake campsite the next day.
Marmot (19km)
Berg Lake (21km) – Our 2nd night will be spent here.
Rearguard (22km)
Robson Pass (23km)

Booking Berg Lake Trail

Booking a spot on this trail fills up fast! Especially if you want to stay over the weekends. One thing I’ve learned about booking campsites in BC the last couple of years is to plan ahead and book early. To meet demand BC Parks has now made the Berg Lake trail 100% reservable and opened up reservations for the 2017 season on October 1, 2016. (Other BC Parks have a 4 month rolling window to make reservations)

Reservations can be done online on the BC Parks Discover Camping website or The Discover Camping Call Centre from 7am to 7pm (PST) by calling 1-800-689-9025 or from overseas +1-519-826-6850.

The cost is $10/person per night & a reservation fee of $6/person.

When you arrive ALL hikers must check in at the Mount Robson Visitor Centre to get their trail pass and attend a short orientation where staff explain details (including a video) about the park, trail, etc.

Mount Robson Visitor Centre Hours
May 10 to June 14 – 8am to 5pm
June 15 to a day after Labour Day – 8am to 7pm
A day after Labour Day to September 30 – 8am to 5pm
October 1 to a day after Thanksgiving Day – 9am to 4pm

We’re planning on checking in the day before we head out on the trail.

Berg Lake Trail Itinerary

I’ve decided to split the hike-in into two sections – this first section from the trailhead to the Emperor Falls campsite is 16km with a total elevation gain of about 762m, This will be a long day of hiking but I wanted to get most of the uphill out of the way and have a shorter 5km hike with only about 85m total elevation gain on the second day to Berg Lake campsite.

Having a shorter hike on the second day will allow us more time to explore around the lake and also save some up some energy for the hike back to the trailhead on the 3rd day.

Heading back will be a long day with a 21km trek (thankfully mostly downhill). We’re staying another night at the trailhead so will have plenty of time to check out some of the other stops along the trail we may have missed on the way up.

If you have hiked the Berg Lake Trail I’d love to know some of the must see stops along the way you visited. Leave me a comment below and let me know your favorites!

That’s it for now! I’ll post next about the gear and supplies needed for the hike.



3 Responses to Mount Robson Provincial Park – Berg Lake Trail

  1. Erin says:

    Hey Scott! I just saw your post and am planning to do the same hike to Emporer, then Berg, you did.

    How did you find the experience and taking on the 16km in the first day?

    • Scott Dawson says:

      Hi Erin,

      I’ll let you know we’re not heading there till towards the end of this month. When will you be on the trail?

    • Scott Dawson says:

      Hey Erin,

      We just got back from the trail. The first day was pretty tough but we were happy that we got the toughest part of the hike over the first day. The second day was just 5km to the lake with minimal gain so we got to really explore the trails around Berg Lake. Make sure you check out Toboggan Falls the view from up there is amazing!

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