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10 Hiking Essentials

Signaling Device: 10 Hiking Essentials

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Light : Beginner Hiking Essentials

10 Hiking Essentials

We talk about the 10 Hiking Essentials all the time on BeginnerHiking.com. When you are heading out on the trails it’s essential that you bring them along, even the best weather can change rapidly and it’s imperative to be prepared, just in case!

In this series on the 10 Hiking Essentials we’ll be focusing on each one and offering some suggestions on equipment we’ve used and can recommend. The first in the series of 10 Hiking Essentials is “LIGHT“.

It’s easy to underestimate how quickly light can fade in the mountains. It’s a good idea to take a Flashlight or a Headlamp tucked in your backpack just in case. As a backup it’s recommended to pack a Green Cyalume stick just in case your batteries die.

Here’s a couple of headlamps that we recommend:

Petzl TIKKINA Headlamp

Petzl TIKKINAWe recommend a headlamp over a flashlight. They pack up really small, and when you need to use one it won’t tie up one of your hands.

You don’t need to break the bank buying a headlamp for your backup 10 Essentials kit. The Petzl TIKKINA can be purchased for under $20 and is probably the best headlamp for the money. While it’s not the brightest headlamp available it will provided enough light when you need it.

Available at your local outdoor store or these fine online retailers:

Petzl TIKKA+ Headlamp

Petzl TIKKA+If you’re looking for something that throws off some more light the Petzl TIKKA+ is for you. It has a 110 lumen output compared to the TIKKINA’s 60 so the TIKKA+ is bright! This headlamp would be a good choice if you plan to hike in the dark on your way back from catching a sunset on a mountain top or plan to go camping and need a light around camp for when the sun goes down.

Available at your local outdoor store or these fine online retailers:
Amazon / Amazon.ca

Green Cyalume Snaplight

Cyalume SnaplightBatteries can run out! Just in case it’s always a good idea to pack one or two Cyalume snaplight into your 10 Essentials kit.

A pack of 10 is fairly inexpensive, last in storage up to 5 years and will give you peace of mind knowing you won’t be stuck without some kind of light.

They even come in handy at home if you have a power outage.

Available at your local outdoor store or these fine online retailers:

Up next in the Beginner Hiking Essentials Series is Signal Devices. Until then, happy hiking!

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