10 Hiking Essentials

Extra Clothes: 10 Hiking Essentials

10 Hiking Essentials

Pocket Knife or Multi-Tool: 10 Hiking Essentials

September 17, 2016 Comments (0) Hiking, Safety

Fire Starter: 10 Hiking Essentials

10 Hiking Essentials

In our continuing series on the 10 Hiking Essentials we’ll be focusing on each one and offering some suggestions on equipment we’ve used and can recommend. The fourth post in the series of 10 Hiking Essentials is “Fire Starter“.

This weeks 10 Essential is a pretty simple one. Pack along some matches (water proof or in plastic bag) or a lighter. Just in case you end up having to spend the night outside you’ll need to light a fire not only to stay warm but help dry your clothes if they are wet, cook food, signaling rescuers and melting snow or boiling unsafe water to drink.

We recommend the Gerber/Bear Grylls Survival Basic Kit.
The basic kit includes: waterproof bag, Mini Paraframe knife, emergency whistle, fire starter, waterproof matches, snare wire, emergency cord, fire tinder, ripstop nylon bag, land to air rescue instructions, and Bear’s Priorities of Survival Guide.

Up next in the Beginner Hiking Essentials Series is Pocketknife or Multi-Tool. Until then, happy hiking!

For more information on hiking safely & responsibly visit – North Shore Rescue or AdventureSmart.ca

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