10 Hiking Essentials

Signaling Device: 10 Hiking Essentials

10 Hiking Essentials

Fire Starter: 10 Hiking Essentials

September 13, 2016 Comments (0) Hiking, How To, News, Safety

Extra Clothes: 10 Hiking Essentials

10 Hiking Essentials

In our continuing series on the 10 Hiking Essentials we’ll be focusing on each one and offering some suggestions on equipment we’ve used and can recommend. The third post in the series of 10 Hiking Essentials is “Extra Clothes“.

Extra clothing is essential when hiking as it is often much cooler in mountains. Even if you only plan to be out for a few hours it’s a good idea to pack along some extra clothes. On top of what you are already planning to wear, take along at least a hat or toque, gloves or mittens, a fleece jacket or vest, a Gortex or waterproof jacket and an extra pair of good quality hiking socks.

We recommend Convertible Pants to keep your options open when hiking. Convertible Pants unzip at the knee so if you get too warm you can turn them into shorts and just tuck the bottoms into your pack. If you get cold you can just zip them back on!

Remember, if you get lost or injured, you may need to spend an extended period of time outside so clothes that keep you warm and dry are essential.

Up next in the Beginner Hiking Essentials Series is Fire Starter. Until then, happy hiking!

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