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Watersprite Lake Hike – Squamish, B.C.

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Crescent Beach – Surrey B.C.

Crescent Beach is one of the best beaches to visit in the South Surrey/White Rock area.

Crescent Beach is typically less crowded than the nearby White Rock Beach and best of all the parking is free!. The best beach access points are found on Beecher Street, Sullivan Street, and Target Street.

Crescent Beach is also near 1001 Steps which is one of our Hike of the Week’s. If you are planning a trip to Surrey B.C., you should check them both out.

Crescent Beach History

The following comes from the City of Surrey Website.
Crescent Beach dates back to 1909 when development of the Great Northern Railway first made the beach easily accessible to the public. In 1912, this area was promoted as a resort area complete with a trendy hotel, pier and train station. One year later, dikes were built to prevent flooding and allow for development of the surrounding neighbourhood. Today, the dikes are used as a waterfront pathway and while the hotel and train station have long since disappeared, the beach remains a popular summer destination for families.

Getting to Crescent Beach

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