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3 Easy Hikes Near Hope, BC

August 24, 2016 Comments (0) Adventure, Hike Of The Week, Hiking

Bridal Veil Falls Provincial Park

Bridal Veil Falls

Located 16km east of Chilliwack BC, Bridal Veil Falls Provincial Park is a scenic day-use park area which includes a short 0.8km hike up to the spectacular Bridal Veil Falls, which tumbles 60 metres over a smooth rock face, creating a “veil-like” effect.

Hike Info:

Rating: Easy
Distance: 0.8 km (Return)
Gain: 50 Metres
Time Needed: 1/2 hour return
Type: Loop

Bridal Veil Falls Trail
Bridal Veil Falls has one loop trail that will take you to the viewing platform near the base of the falls. It is a short 0.8km trip which will take only about 20 minutes or less. As you hike up the trail you will begin to hear the waterfall off in the distance and shortly after you will come up to the wooden railings of the viewing area.

Bridal Veil Falls Provincial Park History
History ofBridal Veil Falls Provincial Park from the BC Parks website.

Prior to the park attaining Provincial Park status in 1965, Bridal Veil Falls was used to generate electricity in the early 1900s for the Bridal Falls Chalet. Today, only traces of the concrete foundation for the power generator can be found.

Bridal Veil Falls Trail

Image Courtesy : Jason Mills

Getting to Bridal Veil Falls Provincial Park
Take Exit 135 off Highway 1 and follow the signs to Bridal Veil Falls Provincial Park. There is plenty of parking, a day use area with picnic tables and washrooms.

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