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February 3, 2017 Comments (5) Adventure, Featured, Hiking, News

Berg Lake Trail – Packing List

Mount Robson Provincial Park

The Berg Lake Trail is a world-renowned backcountry hiking trail located in Mount Robson Provincial Park in east, central British Columbia, just west of the British Columbia/Alberta border. The trail takes you through some of the most amazing scenery in the province and I’m excited to have reserved to go there this coming June.

This is the second blog post in the Mt. Robson Series I’ll be continuing to post as I plan for the upcoming trip. I’m looking forward to sharing the planning, others blog posts, videos etc. I’ve found along the way in hopes it will help others on their trip.

This post covers the packing list I’m preparing for the hike this summer. The list below is a generic backpacking list I will use just as a starting point. I already have many of the items listed and when possible I’ll link to the item on the Mountain Equipment Co-Op or other outdoor retailer where it was purchased.

Berg Lake Trail Packing List

Backpack & Accessories

Backpack with 60 litre capacity – I have the MEC Brio 60L which is now discontinued. My hiking partner will need to upgrade his backpack.
Compact daypack – I have a small MEC AlpineLite that I use as my daypack that I will take along.
Sleeping bag good to 0 degrees C – I just purchased new sleeping bags and will post a review video once they arrive.
Sleeping insulation mat (thermarest or foamy)
Water bottle(s) – I like the wide mouth Nalgene bottles because they fit right onto my water purifier.
Water Filter – MSR MiniWorks & backup Aquatabs just in case
Camera & accessories in a waterproof bag – I’ll be taking along my GoPro, DSLR & DJI Osmo.
Garbage bags
LED Headlamp
GPS – Garmin eTrex 20x GPS
First Aid Kit


Hiking Boots – I need to get a new pair of boots this year and break them in on some day hikes.
Socks plus two pairs of spares
Lightweight comfortable footwear for evenings – I usually bring flip flops for around camp.
Long pants – I like to hike in convertible hiking pants so I’ll take those along
Spare long underwear or pants
Two short sleeve and one long sleeve shirt
Mid-Layer Jacket – I have two light down jackets I usually take along.
Rain pants and rain jacket
Sun hat
Warm hat
One or two Trekking Poles – I usually don’t hike with trekking poles but I may take them along this time.

Additional Items

Stuff Sacks – Various sizes as needed
Sunscreen SPF 15+
Insect repellant
Bear Spray
Toothbrush and personal toiletries

5 Responses to Berg Lake Trail – Packing List

  1. Travis says:

    Hi there,

    Did you find your packing list above to be suffice for the trek? Anything you’d change?

    Travis in Vancouver.

    • Scott Dawson says:

      Hi Travis,

      Thanks for your comment! The packing list was fine for our trip. The only thing to add that I didn’t have on the list is to remember to bring a roll of toilet paper. The outhouses along the Berg Lake Trail don’t provide it. If you forget it you can always pick up a roll at the small store that is beside the visitor centre.

      I also didn’t list food as this will be different for everyone.

      When are you hiking the trail? Let me know how your trip goes!

      • Travis says:

        Hi Scott,

        We completed the hike at the end of July. I followed your list and found it to be quite excellent. We too forgot the TP as I missed your comment reply haha. Luckily another in our group came prepared.

        The trip was amazing. On our first day, we hiked into Emperor Falls and made our camp there for two nights while taking day hikes up to Berg Lake and Snowbird Pass. That 800m ascent was a little brutal in the 36+ Celsius heat with black flies but well worth it!

        With the high temps we also experienced the glaciers calving frequently, and as a result, the water levels in the streams were much higher on our way out which made for some damp crossings.

        Would do it again!

  2. David Griffiths says:

    Thanks for the list. We’re doing the hike to Berg Lake in August… Easy to to forget something.

    • Scott Dawson says:

      Thanks for the comment! You’re going to have a great time hiking the trail! Hopefully the weather is good for you. Let me know how the trip goes when you get back.

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