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April 4, 2016 Comments (0) Hike Of The Week

Alexandra Bridge Provincial Park

Alexandra Bridge

This Hike of the Week was more of a road trip than a hike but worth the trip if you’re looking to spend a day on the road while making a few stops along the way to take some amazing pictures.

Hike Info:

Rating: Easy
Distance: <1km
Gain: Minimal
Time Needed: 30 min
Type: Out-and-back

Alexandra Bridge Provincial Park is a small park centered around the site of the original Cariboo Wagon Road bridge over the Fraser River. The park was established in 1984. You can access the historic Alexandra Bridge from a trail through a day-use area.

Special Note: When we were there the weekend of April 3rd, 2016 the park appeared to be closed. There is no sign posted and the parking lot was blocked off. I’m not sure why the park was closed, there is no mention of this on the Provincial website I checked out before heading off. Nevertheless, you can still park on the wide shoulder of the road just by the exit of the park parking lot and access the park.

Alexandra Bridge History
Alexandra Bridge Provincial Park was established in 1984 because of its inherent natural, historical and recreational attributes. The area has been used and inhabited by First Nations for over 9,500 years. The first European visit did not occur until Simon Fraser’s expedition passed through the region in 1808. The first permanent trail, the Anderson Brigade trail, was then established in 1848 and subsequently, the original bridge was constructed in 1861 by Joseph W. Trutch and named after Princess Alexandra of Wales. To recover the $45,000 construction cost for the 90 metre bridge, a toll of $7.40 per ton was charged. Today a second bridge, built in 1926, sits on the site of the original which was dismantled in 1912. (Source BC Parks)

Alexandra Bridge Trail:
The bridge itself is not in the park. To reach the trail to the bridge walk down from the trail starting at the parking lot, the trail will open to the old road which winds down to the bridge. After a few minutes you get to the bottom and come up to a set of train tracks. BE CAREFUL this is still an active train track and there will be active trains when you are there. Exercise caution when crossing the train tracks to the bridge because the trains may not sound their horn.

Alexandra Bridge Crossing

Make sure you take your camera, there’s some great vantage points from both sides of the Alexandra Bridge of the Fraser River down below.

Getting to Alexandra Bridge Provincial Park:

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