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1001 Steps at Cresent Beach

1,001 Steps at Cresent Beach is located in Surrey’s Ocean Park neighbourhood. There aren’t actually 1001 steps, but there are a lot! Many people use 1001 Steps as a cardio workout and you can see them really working up a sweat on a hot day going up and down.

Hike Info:

Rating: Easy
Distance: 228 Steps (One Way)
Gain: 85 Metres
Time Needed: 1/2 hour return
Type: Return & Back

1001 Steps Trail
The 1001 Steps trailhead is located just off the 12500 Block of 15A Avenue, Surrey BC. There is parking some parking along the side of 126a Ave. One weekdays there is plenty of parking but on weekends it does get a little busier. You may need to park down the street a bit and walk to the trailhead. Make sure you don’t block any residents driveways.

1001 Steps is open from dawn to dusk each day and leads down to a beautiful cobble beach. Since it’s a bit of a trek the beach is usually very quiet and you will probably only see a few other people, even on Summer weekends. At the bottom, there is a tunnel to go underneath the train tracks. The train tracks are active with both passenger and shipping trains, so it’s not advised to walk along the tracks.

Getting to 1001 Steps

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